09 August 2014

Travels 2014

My family wasn't one for a yearly holiday trip, so I'm not in a habit of travelling.  I'm more likely to spend free money on a new computer than going somewhere.  Besides, I loathe long-haul plane flights.

For the next few months I will discover whether I can travel and write.  If not, I very much doubt Pyramids will be out this year.  But at least being away from my gaming computer means I won't be able to continue replaying Dragon Age II!

Depending on my roaming internet connectivity, this blog may fill with blather about wherever I've been that day, accompanied by amateur photography.

If people (in the UK) are particularly keen to meet me, I will be at both LonCon 3 and the Diana Wynne Jones Conference.  I'm not signed up on the program or for an author reading or anything like that, but figured if people particularly wanted to say Hi, I could have an informal kaffeeklatsch.  I'll probably do that Saturday morning of the LonCon, and will tweet and add a brief post and Goodreads status update with more detail once I have settled on a cafe.

So, heading for Summer in England and from the looks of their weather reports, I better go buy a coat. :)

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