28 April 2021

Cover Reveal - The Book of Firsts

Because, as usual for me, I've produced a story that doesn't really fit the conventions of any genre (though I'm calling it New Adult because it involves 19 year-olds and a lot of sex), I've had trouble finding something that worked for my latest cover (for my pen name).

Fortunately I came across one I really liked over at http://goonwrite.com/index.htm, and so here at last is the cover of The Book of Firsts.

The book is in edits, and won't be out this month, but almost definitely in May.

And here is the (hopefully final) blurb:

The Book of Firsts

Three boys, the 'kings' of the school.  One cynical newcomer.  An outrageous competition.

 When Mika Niles overhears the details of "The Book of Firsts" she's at first bemused, then scornful, then intrigued.  Judging which of three very handsome young men is best at kissing, and...? 

 With no time in her final year for serious attachments, a series of lunchtime trysts is more than tempting – and an opportunity like this might never come her way again.  But this light-hearted game is also a scandalous secret, and few can play with fire and walk away unscathed.

03 April 2021

Hidden SF

Hi all - sorry for the long delay between updates.  I keep putting off posting until I have news about the latest book, and then not having anything significant to report.  Firsts is still a week or two before a full draft is done, and then it will be in editing.  This (New Adult) is a slower genre for me, in part because in my usual SFF books I have a lot more 'event' chapters, where there's a lot of action scenes.  Action is significantly easier for me to write than day to day conversations that show small emotional shifts.

While both Touchstone and Firsts are intended to have more of a 'slice of life' structure than the traditional rising action, denouement, etc, it's a very different feel when the slices don't involve monsters.

While I'm enjoying the story (and looking forward to working on the sequel), I have no intention of switching genres permanently, since SFF has some core components that I really love.  And, in fact, Firsts is an SF novel (though in a very low-key way).  After it's out for a couple of weeks, I'll put up a post to see if that element stood out for anyone.

Anyway, not too much longer now.  I won't promise this month, since editing sometimes brings up unexpected issues, but 'soon'.

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