Karan K Anders

About Karan K Anders

Karan K Anders is a pen name of Andrea K Höst, used for stories that aren't primarily science fiction and fantasy (and also contain more explicit scenes than the usual fade-to-black stories).

Since my primary interest is in SFF, I only write occasionally on this pen name.

Karan K Anders Bibliography 

Eros by Night (short story) 2011

A Very Secret Garden series

The Book of Firsts (Book 1) 2021 

Seconds (Book 2) (coming probably 2022 or 2023)


  1. I loved The Book of Firsts. In Seconds, I think it would be awesome if Mika designed a bridge for Echoes that sings when the wind blows. And Rin could write the songs the bridge sings!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Mika will definitely be designing bridges, in-game and out.


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