05 May 2023

Writing progress

Just checking in.  Making steady, if slow, progress on Tangleways.  I'm still aiming to finish it this year, but haven't been nearly as quick as I like.

My speed on different types of stories, and sections in them, can vary wildly.  Second books in a series are particularly hard because it's necessary to introduce the existing world and through-plot while carrying the new one in an interesting way, and avoiding it turning into a dull info-dump.  So the establishment chapters of Tangleways have been particularly challenging for me (bringing in enough of the world without weighing everything down), with such a complex world as the Trifold.

I also needed to settle some plot details before I could start writing toward them, and fortunately have figured out some of the major ones.  I tend to look forward to and plan out 'fun scenes', and am soon to reach some of them, which will be nice.

Anyway, still here, still going!  My philosophy on writing is that as long as I keep adding new sentences, even if it's only one a day, I'll eventually end up with a book.

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