28 February 2015

Pyramids Release

Out at last!

This was one of the more challenging books for me to write, just because when you start with an alt history of _our_ world you suddenly find yourself with the problem of how complex our world is. So many countries, so many different peoples, so many stories.

It amazed me, doing the research for this book, how much I didn't know about my own world. A million layers of civilisation, most forgotten, or half-remembered, or barely understood. I've read and seen stories about Egyptians all my life, but until I started properly reading about it, I didn't know what mummies were actually _for_. [And even the most knowledgeable Egyptologist can only have an imperfect understanding of a culture lost to sand.] So, anyway, alt history=HARD.

The story itself is going to sit across a dozen genres. Alt history, because I started with Earth. It's steampunk because dirigibles, but it's certainly not Victorian. It's going to read YA or even middle grade to some people, but one of its protagonists is thirty-six. It's science fiction (apparently that's where steampunk sits) and it does amuse itself with a technological impact, but it is, of all my books, the most full of the numinous, the strange and wondrous things that fantasy uses to catch your breath and then turn it to dragons.

There are quite a few dragons.

Anyway, this is a big venture for me - the first time I've embarked on a long series (five books, plus probably some shorts). I hope you all enjoy it!



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25 February 2015


Pyramids is set in Prytennia, which is divided into three dragonates.  Through the magic of Julie Dillon, here are Nimelleth, Dulethar, and Athian...

17 February 2015

Pyramids giveaway and cloud

Nearly there!  So looking forward to the release.

Time to set up the giveaway. :)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Pyramids of London by Andrea K. Höst

The Pyramids of London

by Andrea K. Höst

Giveaway ends March 01, 2015.
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And here is my semi-traditional wordle of the book!

08 February 2015

Mildly spoilerish visual preview of Pyramids

Pyramids is rather creature-heavy...

My favourite is Dimity, who is not pictured, but entertains me enormously.

Still on track for end of February release.  Busy doing my traditional end-of-book kicking of heroine. :D

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