16 November 2020

Wearing Book

 Hey all - sorry for the lack of posts.  I am still very much on a reading binge, which tends to make me want to reserve my writing energy for writing books, rather than writing posts.  I'm hoping to get Book of Firsts (the New Adult bit of fluff I've been working on) out end of December (though potentially in January).  Then I will probably spend my time swapping between writing Tangleways and the sequel to Book of Firsts.

But on to the subject of Wearing Book, which is a trope in Chinese webnovels used almost as frequently as rebirth (it's kind of a sub-category), and the type of story I'm reading a lot of currently (mixed with some metaphysical master is a teenaged girl stories).  "Wearing Book" is a plot where a reader wakes up suddenly in a book that they've (usually) read, often as a character with the same name as their real-life name.  These characters are rarely the main character of the book - they're usually the villainess, or the cannon fodder, or the friend of the heroine, or a total side character who barely gets a named mentioned.  Quite often they're the mother of the villain, in a kind of unwritten prequel to the book.

I somewhat prefer straight rebirth to wearing book, as the protagonist is considerably more emotionally invested, but there's also a lot of fun in seeing the doomed-to-fail rival for whoever's attention suddenly declaring that her Field of Fucks is barren, and romping off to do something far more interesting than follow the main plotline.

So far I've not encountered a Wearing Book which involves any actual written books, so they're not a variety of fanfiction, but I thought it would be fun to ask: If you could be anybody other than the protagonist of a book you've read, who would you be? [One for my books, one for all the other books.]

I'd say I'd like to be Nils, but I don't think I'd be very good at being a Setari, let alone Nils, so if I was going to go Touchstone, I think I'd be a pinksuit, someone in admin, doing the virtual equivalent of pencil pushing (while writing books in my spare time, of course).  However, if I could choose which book to wear, I'd definitely be one of the gamers who got the Starfighter Invitation.

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