When is your next book out?
I'm currently working on the sequel to The Pyramids of London, Tangleways, and also fooling around with a litrpg/system apocalypse side project.  One of these is a lot easier to write than the other!

How can I contact you?
Contact me at "andreakhost@gmail.com".

Do you have a mailing list for releases?
Yes, there's a link on the front page.

Can I have a review copy of one of your books?
Sure!  I am happy to provide review copies to book-bloggers and other reviewers.  Just email me a link to your review site/publication and specify your preferred e-format.  I recommend using an email address I can associate with the site/publication.

Are your books available in paperback?  Audiobook?
My books are all available as paperbacks.  I have audiobooks for the Touchstone Trilogy and And All the Stars.

Why did you self-publish?
Because I wasn't able to get anyone else to publish me. :)  I also had a bad experience with a publisher (gory details) which pushed me toward making the decision.

Do you have any maps to go with the books?
Maps can be found on the Etc page.

Status update

 On the good and bad news front.  I have written quite a lot this year!  I have continued to make forward progress on Tangleways  (finally g...