21 May 2021

The Book of Firsts - release today

 Yay - nice to get this one out there!  [Caution for those who like clean romance - I'm using a pen name for this one primarily because it contains so much sex!  Nearly sixty scenes, which seems a ridiculous amount when I write it down.]

The Book of Firsts

Three boys, the 'kings' of the school.  One cynical newcomer.  An outrageous competition.

When Mika Niles overhears the details of "The Book of Firsts" she's at first bemused, then scornful, then intrigued.  Judging which of three very handsome young men is best at kissing, and...? 

With no time in her final year for serious attachments, a series of lunchtime trysts is more than tempting – and an opportunity like this might never come her way again.  But this light-hearted game is also a scandalous secret, and few can play with fire and walk away unscathed.

Out now in the following stores (and more to follow as it slowly makes its way through the various distribution chains).  A note for paperback purchasers - this one's in 5x8 instead of the slightly larger TPB I use for the AKH books.  I'll keep the sizes consistent for the pen names, though.

It's a very pretty cover. :)


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Amazon (US, AU, UK, FR, DE etc) 

My plan for the rest of the year is to work on Tangleways and the sequel to this (which at the moment I just call 'Seconds').

[So many books I want to write, so much procrastination...]

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