24 March 2019

15,000 Stars

I first published The Silence of Medair and Stained Glass Monsters in December of 2010.  Since I had a backlog of written books, I've published more than one a year since then.  [Things sure have slowed down once I got back to first drafts, though!]

In 2012 I celebrated reaching 1,000 Stars on Goodreads, and 2014 marked 5,000 Stars.  Now, in 2019, we've reached 15,000 individual ratings on Goodreads (note: not all of these indicate read books - Goodreads lets people rate books that aren't even out yet, and there's a small percentage of everyone's ratings which are empty ratings like that).

To celebrate 15,000 stars, I'll offer a few options:
  • A signed copy of any one of my books.
  • Three unsigned copies of any of my books (actually cheaper for me, heh).
  • A chance to read one of the partials listed on the 5,000 Stars post.  [Sure to be frustrating to the reader.]
  • A chance to read the first chapter of Tangleways.
  • A copy of each of the Touchstone audiobooks when they're released (this will take some considerable time, as there's a couple of months of production involved in each).
Anyway, it's been a ride.  I'm sure I could have more stars if I had a faster writing schedule, and actually did some promo, but this relaxed writing stories and sharing them when they're done is pretty ideal for me.  Glad for all of you coming along with me!

To enter, just comment below.  [Competition closes end of April.]

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