27 December 2022

Four Kings Release!

Here at last!  Sorry for a slow writing year.

In a huge contrast to Firsts, Kings has only a single (somewhat involved) sex scene.  It has a lot of extended family though, and we (technically) meet all the parents.  That's a lot of parents!

Cover of Four Kings
Four Kings

Continuing the story of 'The Book of Firsts'.

Mika Niles always thought boyfriends way too much effort.  Now she has three of them.

While Mika has a habit of making life look easy, maintaining a balance between three boys who refuse to become rivals would be a challenge all on its own.  Adding to the mix apparently infinite family drama, and the inevitable backlash brought by living with three extremely covet young men, may be enough to threaten Mika's lifelong dream.

When it's no longer a game, and not nearly enough of a secret, can Mika find a way to stay with her Kings?

Out now in the following stores (and more to follow as it slowly makes its way through the various distribution chains).

2023 will be primarily devoted to Tangleways, with occasional breaks to work on a lit rpg side project.


Amazon (US, AU, UK, FR, DE etc)

Kobo (US, AU, UK)

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