Books can be read as stand-alone except where indicated by part numbers.


Hunting (April 2013)  (finalist Aurealis Award, Best Young Adult Novel 2013)

Champion of the Rose (December 2010)
Bones of the Fair (December 2013)

Stained Glass Monsters (January 2011)
The Sleeping Life (February 2016)

Part 1: The Silence of Medair (December 2010) (finalist Aurealis Award, Best Fantasy Novel 2010)
Part 2: Voice of the Lost (September 2011)
(Collected together as "The Medair Duology")

The Trifold Age
The Pyramids of London (February 2015)
The Towers, the Moon (November 2016) (stories, including winner Aurealis Award, Best Fantasy Novella 2016)
Tangleways (coming 2021)

Science Fiction:

Sydney Apocalyptica
And All the Stars (October 2012) (finalist Cybils, best YA Science Fiction & Fantasy 2012, finalist Aurealis Award, Best Fantasy Novel, Best YA Novel 2012)

The Singularity Game
The Singularity Game: The Starfighter Invitation (2018)
The Singularity Game: Filigree (coming later)

The Touchstone Trilogy
Part 1: Stray (March 2011)
Part 2: Lab Rat One (June 2011)
Part 3: Caszandra (November 2011)
Part 4: Gratuitous Epilogue (December 2011)
Part 5: In Arcadia (January 2017)
Part 6: Snow Day (2019)

Short Fiction

Blue (2011)

Touchstone Trilogy - French Edition

Some news for the Touchstone fans. The wonderful Justine of Seraminda Editions has faced down the truly daunting task of translating Cass...