19 August 2014

LonCon 3

All done, and a rousing success.  The venue, a place called the Excel Centre, was an airway runway with a hanger dropped on top:

The building is loooonnnggg - it's a good ten minute walk from one end to the other.  I was fortunate to register the afternoon before the con started.  Very lucky, as I learned at lunch the next day when I (*ahem*) happened to be chatting with Michelle Sagara in the lunch place of my hotel when Tanya Huff arrived, saying she'd given up on registering because the line was over an hour wait.  [Connie Willis was staying at my hotel as well - going to breakfast was great fun for celebrity spotting.]

My primary mission was quickly accomplished, as I located and photographed the bench the DWJ mailing list had sponsored:

['Quickly' being after wandering twice around two enormous halls randomly scattered with benches.  I suspect I checked them all before finding the right one.]


Adding a couple more bench photos in here for those who wanted to see it:


After having not written at all since getting on the hell flight, I was pleased to find a nice balcony over the runway where I made good progress on Pyramids.  Or, well, people-watched.  Deadpool had some excellent transport jawas.

I also had actual real people show up for my fan meet-up, which was a relief!  It was lovely to meet everyone! [Any time I can rabbit on about my books is good for me, but everyone was so nice that I quickly stopped being nervous - and then just didn't shut up!]

Panels were mostly quite interesting.  I particularly enjoyed the romance in computer games, the Zombies! Run!, and the pessimist/pragmatism in space travel panels.  Lovely to see Sarah Webb and Julie Dillon win Hugos, though sad The Book Smugglers missed out.

Off to Scotland tomorrow, which looks cold and wet (just like home at the moment, apparently).

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