13 August 2014

Kew Gardens

I need new feet.

Not as much as Cass did, but after spending seven hours at Kew Gardens today, I am feeling very sorry for making the poor girl walk so much .  The place (along with being the world's largest collection of plant varieties) is 300 acres, and I'm fairly sure we saw the greater portion of them.  Not everything though, as we ran out of opening hours.  [And the will to live.]

A lot of the day seemed to involve climbing stairs.  First there was the treetop walk.

And then there was the pagoda:

And a palm pavilion:

And, oh, just a ton of stuff.  Palaces and follies and temples, woodland walks, a hunter's hide, a badger's den, blackberries, hundreds of trees and, of course, plenty of flowers.

It's definitely a place worth seeing, not least for getting your head around the idea of princesses being given pagodas as surprise birthday presents.

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