09 September 2011

Still playing with covers

Just loved this picture.  And I guess it does suggest that there might, just maybe, be some kind of battle in the book somewhere...


  1. Heh - well, in this case it's more ohthankthefates finally found a stock photo which (1) matched at least one thing about the book (2) was beautiful (3) didn't look exactly like every other damn cover out there.

    I like the ambiguity of this one - the mostly outline figures in the army make it possible to be any army, and the colouring hints at the a certain fiery event.

    There's also an amazing sense of urgency and chaos and a mix of beauty and horror.

  2. So how does this "make a new cover using already existing stuff" work? Do you use images that you can purchase the use of or are they creative commons/some other general use stuff or is there a rule about once you've altered it so much, its new?
    I know some of your earlier books you paid someone to do the cover image, but you're using stock images for these.

  3. I purchase them from a stock photo site. I haven't come across a free image I wanted to use, as yet.

    Almost all my covers have been painted on commission for me. It's only these ebook-only compilation covers that I'm using stock images for.

  4. I like how it looks like autumn leaves.

  5. I hadn't thought about it that way, but it could very well be the base of a great tree. It was the only image I found which captured anything close to the feel of the book, which had some really grandiose events - it's my most excessive use of magic in any novel. I did try layering an outline of a watching woman in there, since the story is very much a character piece rather than focused on the war.

    I had my first review for "Voice" come in - fortunately a positive one, and one which has clearly seen that the war is...not incidental, but part of a series of events, while the focus and climax of the novel is Medair's choices.


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