06 September 2011

Ebook v TPB Covers

One of the things it took me a few months to realise is that my ebook covers don't have to be the same as my trade paperback book covers.  Indeed, in some cases, it would be far better not, since one is designed to represent the book as a tiny thumbnail and the other is the place to indulge fancy games with fonts and rich, detailed images.

However, I wanted the covers to be visually linked, and have finally gotten around to playing with potential ebook cover versions for a couple which don't work well as tiny thumbnails.

The second version of these are much more readable in thumbnail.  I haven't decided whether to go ahead and change them, but it's definitely something I need to think about when preparing covers.


  1. Hope I won't hurt you with this comment, but I'm not sure about the "Medair" cover (both). I think they don't have the right message. For me, they say "Horror" rather than "Foreigner in her own country". Even the "medieval/fantasy" setting is only hinted.
    If I had not known your books from "Stray", I would not have bought it (which would have been a shame).

  2. Heh - well, she certainly does look horrified. I can see where it gives a horror feel.

    Still like it though. :)

    Ah, marketing...

  3. I have been thinking of putting out a compilation version of Medair as well. No idea what to use for a cover there.

  4. Not sure how that could be made apparent in a cover (even more in a thumbnail), but I see Medair standing on a cliff (or wall) and looking at a countryside/city with two conflicting "visions".

  5. Hm - you have given me the spark of an idea there. I wonder if I have enough photoshop fakery to pull it off...


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