06 September 2011

Unpacking Medair

Frida Fantastic, a blog site which focuses on Indie science fiction and fantasy novels, has posted a really wonderful, in-depth review of The Silence of Medair.   It's a great site for readers looking for Indie SF&F.


  1. That's a great review (one which confirms that I have some way to go in learning the art...). I hope it leads to some more attention for the book. And not just from the people that are drawn to *that* tag... :)

  2. Writing reviews is a real skill - and one I unfortunately don't possess. I often think about reviews while I'm reading a book, but when I get to the end it's very rare that I can say anything coherent about the experience.

  3. Same here. Usually the best I can do is call out one or two really memorable bits and then mutter something vaguely comprehensible about the vibe.

    Next time I do one I must test my new theory that one or two killer quotes or a short passage of prose is probably going to articulate my impressions much better than I can.


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