18 September 2011

Status Report - September

At current rate, Caszandra should be out by mid to end November.

Cass gets to be a good deal less action-y in this last volume - much to her frustration.  On the flip side, she gets to pull off a very cool stunt which makes me chortle because it's so...gratuitous.  She has a very flexible power set: the problem is the price she pays when using it - and, more important, how people can use her.

On a spoiler-ific note, it will be interesting to see how people take to the way the relationship which developed in Book 2 plays out in Book 3.  It's rare that I'm in the mood for unnecessary relationship angst, so I'm not generally inclined to manufacture some bizarre reason to split people up.  It's far more interesting to me to see how the characters cope with staying together.  With making little compromises for each other.  Avoiding arguments.  Dealing with things the other suddenly wants to do.  The huge decisions and the little things, and how you become different people because you're committed to each other.  [A theme I'm also working through in The Sleeping Life.]

I'm now getting "search terms leading to this site" of "When will Andrea Host finish Caszandra" which is certainly motivation to get my rear in gear!

After Caszandra is out, I'll be on to Hunting, which is a "girl vigilante" book I wrote ages ago (in a hissy fit after a problematic Georgette Heyer novel).  It's one of my "the gods are real" books, and I'll be underlining that a little more clearly in the edit.

Pyramids keeps trying to steal my attention.  The main character has two rather overwhelming nieces, one of whom wants to be a Lady Adventurer, and the other who has decided to marry Heliotropus' princess.  I suspect I'm going to have to consider a sequel to cover all that.


  1. Caszandra should come out at *just* the right time. I'm reading Stray now (and loving it, far more than I expected from the premise) and I plan to jump straight into LR1 when I finish.

  2. Heh, cool. It is a really unusual story and I think a lot of people have reservations going in. Particularly about diary format, which simply doesn't work for some people. But the largest portion of readers seem to fall in love with Cass' voice, adapt quickly to the unusual format, and just roll with it.

  3. I just finished Lab Rat One, and it ended exactly how I hoped it would. :) However, I am so sad that there will only be one more book in the series! Maybe you'll write book 4, someday...?

    I think I'll probably start re-reading Stray and Lab Rat One. When I really get into a series, I can't move on to other books, and this is one that has definitely hooked me.

    Wonderful story. I seriously love the characters, probably more than I should.

  4. Hi Zoe! I'm glad you liked it. :) There won't be a book 4, so to speak, but I am planning a kind of bonus release for those interested in knowing what happens next. It'll be a freebie (presuming Amazon price-matches), and not book-length, but just a bit of extra.

  5. NOVEMBER! What a birthday present! I cannot wait, but part of me will hate to see it end!


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