23 June 2011


I've updated the trade paperback version of Champion to include the map (there's just a link in the ebook version).  I usually draw a rough map while I'm writing, so that my characters don't head out east to go to the Western Marches, but I hesitated to fool with images when taking my first shaky steps into publishing - so of course my first reviews commented on the lack of a map.  I'll be adding the maps to Medair and SGM over the next month or so.  [A map just wouldn't work with the Touchstone series, though I wish I was artist enough to fill it with little sketches of the things Cass sees.]

I also took the opportunity to add six paragraphs of 'underlining' to Champ to emphasise a particular interpretation of the text.  No change to the plot, but those paragraphs function much like the little arrow on the map of Darest, pointing north.

A self-publisher's ability to update is a double-edged sword.  Great for fixing typos, but an eternal temptation, since I've never met a piece of my own writing that I didn't want to fiddle with every time I read it.  I decided on a system of noting the version date on the copyright page, if it's ever updated with more than typo corrections, but on the whole I will try to restrain myself.

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