30 June 2011

Live Rat

Triple phew!  Lab Rat One is now live on Smashwords, and in the approval queue at Amazon.

It's been a long haul - I swear I could spend my entire life editing any one of my novels, reading and re-reading and each time finding things to change.  It definitely improves the story each time, but sooner or later I feel like I'm on a hamster wheel, trundling along and never reaching the end.

For anyone who has been following along, curious about what happens next, for you I have an early bird coupon, good for the first week of release at Smashwords: just enter ZE64N in when purchasing to grab a discount price of $0.99.  [Expires 7 July.]

Next up will be catching my breath, then Voice of the Lost.


  1. I'm waiting until it's back up to full price, just by the way. Hope I don't skew your results.

    (Plus of course I got my Kindle two days ago, so I have a few of your books to get through before I need to pick up LR1)


  2. Are you enjoying the Kindle? There are some things I find clunky about it, but e-ink is just so good. Many of my older books are growing challenging to read, what with the paper taking on sepia tones. I still buy hard copy for favourite authors, but I'm already reaching the stage where if it's a book that I'm 50/50 on purchasing, ebook availability is the decision-maker.

  3. I'll answer conditionally, in that I've only had it since Monday, but absolutely yes. The e-ink is clear as a bell (at least in the couple of documents that I've opened).

    I intend to embrace the same strategy with respect to new books. There are some things I know I will want in hard copy forever, but for books I don't expect to read more than once, the ebook version is going to be my preference, being the usually cheaper and always more storage-friendly option.


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