03 July 2011

Stained Glass Mapping

Added the map for Stained Glass Monsters (and sent the file for update on CreateSpace).  For The Sleeping Life I'll have to expand this, and Tyrland will shrink down to a middle-sized kingdom, thoroughly dwarfed by the Empire Rennyn & co head to in an attempt to clear up some unfinished business.

I also updated the ebook files to the new formatting fad which is going around - including the blurb in the 'front matter' of the ebook.  This is something I've wished for more than once when reading ebooks since it's very common to download a mass of samples and then have no idea what any of them are supposed to be about by the time you get around to reading them.  Even if you embed the description in the metadata of the ebook, too many ereaders don't display this in any handy way - so I'm including mine right after the copyright page.

Other than that, I've been playing some Nancy Drew hidden object games, and failing to weed the garden.

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