10 July 2011

Cover Play

I've been playing with possible font/title placement for Voice of the Lost.  I always tend to want fancy squiggly fonts, but these are always unreadable in thumbnail.  You can see that some of these options would work fine for the cover of the trade paperback, but won't be much chop for an inch-high image.

Other variations:

I've also been playing with fonts for some placeholder covers for next year's books, until I get pictures for them.  The font on The Sleeping Life (you'll have to look at it in close up) is one I find absolutely gorgeous, but there's not many covers it would work on.



  1. Of the available options, I like v8 for placement and color. But I'd definitely go with v4 if you use the lighter color for the title.

  2. I'm liking v8 too - since Medair is looking downward, your eyes are drawn to the bottom anyway. Placing the title at the top seems to pull the eye away from the actual image.

  3. And how about v8 with v4's font? Because if the only options were v4 and v5, I would choose v4 just for the font.

    I don't know how it would look down there, and the light color might make it seem too bulky, but it's worth a try.

  4. The problem with that font (Aquilina 2) is that it won't work with the subtitle/author name easily - too many dangly bits! But I do like it. I originally was going to use that font for the cover of Stray, but in the end opted for something plainer. Plain = easier to read.


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