06 June 2011

Doctor Who: "A Good Man Goes to War"

Some fantastic characters we've not met before, and will probably never meet again (even the ones who weren't killed off).  A few cool lines.  A touch of overacting/unnecessary smirking, but otherwise really hitting some sweet spots among the support characters.


- We had the whole guilt trip for being a dangerous person to know, plus the Doctor on the verge of letting anger take him into evil plot in Waters of Mars.  Far too soon to do it again.

- The final revelation is not only obvious to the viewer at that point, but involves the Doctor being completely blind and incapable of thinking things through.

- For pity's sake, stop with all this "did the Doctor somehow have sex with Amy" double-faking.  Every second episode...  [At least we didn't have an OMG, they killed Rory moment this time round.]

Doctor Who gains some of its strength from constantly reinventing itself, but hand-waving and hyper-drama just doesn't seem to suit my tastes.

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