24 March 2011

Why hello there...

Just received the final art for Caszandra (Part 3 of Touchstone) and couldn't resist immediately playing with title placement (still have to do font selection and fool with colours, but the overall placement works for me).

I'm just awed by the beauty and realism of Simon Dominic's work, turning the planet in Touchstone into a tangible place, and making Cass into someone who I feel you could see walking down the street.  And blocking the way, sucking all the attention, the most unnatural, powerful wrongness of the Cruzatch.

I love particularly the echo set up by the position of their fingers.

[This image also keeps making me think of an old song: "Hey there Little Red Riding Hood, don't you know you're looking good..."  The Cruzatch are such gloating creatures...]


  1. Congrats on making the shortlist. I found out about you through [url=http://www.facebook.com/pages/Australian-Science-Fiction-Fantasy-Writers-Association/109691049061218]this[/url] post. I actually didn't see the C in the above title until I saw the full name in your blog-post, so would recommend a different colour/font perhaps (or maybe I should go to bed).

    Also, in one topic I did at Uni we briefly looked at books as brands, and, much as I dislike the idea, they did have a point: fans get to know the fonts their fav. authors use, and can spot them a mile off. Perhaps stick to the font on the right (Champion Rose)? Now you're making a name for yourself it'll help people spot your work.

  2. Hi WrongWriter - I quite agree with the disappearing 'C' - I'll be working quite a bit on the Caszandra cover layout yet - the current is a rough to give positioning. I've a ton of font choices to scroll through yet.

    Although I've seen some really great branding work, it's not something I plan to follow with my particular books (in part because my books are never likely to be in stores, so cover recognition isn't a big part of my game) and in part because I like to work the text in with the image/story (see the font on "Lab Rat One", for instance).

    Thanks for the congrats!

  3. I don't know, being short-listed for an Aurealis might mean a less than 10 year wait now =).

    I've joined Smashwords so I can check out your work - it's awesome, so thanks for that =).


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