27 March 2011

Diana Wynne Jones

My favourite writer.  Her star may have gone, but her books will shine forever.


  1. I've never read any of her stuff, though I did get a boxed set of her novels for younger readers for a nephew on the recommendation of a friend.

    What are your favourites?

  2. Seriously? Hell, Dave, what were you wasting your time on the whole of your reading life? Well, if nothing else you can have a fabulous times glomming everything Diana Wynne Jones has ever written.

    - The Chrestomanci series is a must-buy. Start with "Lives of Christopher Chant".
    - Howl's Moving Castle. Just a delight.
    - Dogsbody. A star punished with dog form.
    - Eight Days of Luke. [You'll see her influence on Gaiman here.]
    - Black Maria (aka Aunt Maria). Aunt Maria is the most evil of evil creatures.
    - The Power of Three.
    - Homeward Bounders.

  3. What can I say? I've never quite gotten around to Octavia Butler, Madeleine L'Engel or Ursula Le Guin, either. I have disgraceful gaps in my education :)

    Thanks for the recommendations. I shall begin the hunt.

  4. I'm presuming you know about The Book Depository...



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