31 December 2017

Writing Distractions - a gaming rundown

Over at The Book Smugglers they're well into their yearly Smugglivus celebrations, and I have a post about the games I've been playing, and my thoughts about virtual gaming.

Lots of pretty pictures in this one!


  1. Avoid destiny/destiny 2, which have pretty pretty worlds but stupidly vague story. Maybe look at nier automata and hellblade, senua's sacrifice. The latter is one i'm looking forward to playing, just because the main char fascinates me so much. I don't usually go in for super dark and gritty games.

  2. MMO--or casual gaming (where I have gotten caught for years)--aside, when will there be another Touchstone book? I hungrily await it...

    1. Not for many years, I'm afraid. Big line of books before Touchstone. When I do write one, it will be Aunt Sue's story.


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