22 March 2018

Long-term plans for audiobooks

Audiobooks have been a not-infrequent request (particularly of the Touchstone Trilogy).  Smashwords has come out with a new audiobook model that seems accessible for Australians, and not too onerous for me to put together.  It's a big initial outlay of money, so I'll be saving up for it, but now have it on my more immediate to-do list (hopefully I'll get some tax back in July to fund at least the first book).

On the writing front, still plugging away with Snug Ship.  This is not a particularly long book, but it seems determined to progress slowly.

You'll notice the blog has been particularly quiet, and this is in part because I've been determined to get the first draft done (maybe six chapters to go [forty down - they're short chapters]), and have cut down drastically on other writing, gaming, etc.  I won't try to set a release date, since my estimates have been invariably wrong so far, but the end is at least in sight.

I like Snug Ship quite a lot, but it abandons some traditional structure concepts, so I'm not sure it will please everyone.

[I've been thinking about the concept of Chekov's Gun a fair bit, and how I prefer to make that gun barely noticeable, or leave it out altogether.  Sometimes the gun is necessary on that mantelpiece, and other times it spoils a story for me.]


  1. Your foreshadowing is particularly good, so I have no fear that if you play fair with the reader and include the gun, that it will not be noticed until it goes off.

  2. I looked into Findaway when they teamed up Draft 2 Digital (which is how I published my books to Apple.) I wound up deciding against, because I didn't honestly feel like it was any better than Audible. They send you potential narrators, but the only information you get is a brief clip of them reading and a paragraph of information about them. It felt like it required a lot of trust. And it was a big investment of money for that level of trust. But good luck if you decide to do it. I'm told there can be good money in audio books!

  3. Audible isn't open to Australians. Finding the right narrator is definitely the challenge.

  4. I've been waiting for an audio version for years!!! I hope it works out. I tell everyone about the Touchstone series. It is one of my most favorite of all time! And I studied English literature in Australia so I should know. ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Won't be doing anything on this until I save up for it.


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