22 December 2017

Smuggled Touchstone Editions!

Here is some very cool news!  The Touchstone Trilogy has been republished in paperback by The Book Smugglers with scrumptious new covers by Kirbi Fagan.

Isn't that a fabulous cover?  See the others, and check out a giveaway for the whole trilogy, over at Smuggler HQ.


  1. I love the touchstone trilogy and will buying the books in paperback ASAP. Have reread the first 3 endless times and adore Cass.

  2. Oh wow! I know I'm late, but so beautiful!

    Is there any way to wrangle a signed copy/set?

    1. It would be hugely expensive (because of getting copies to Australia and back).

  3. Love these books. Have bought them all on ebooks,Have them all in paperback except the 5th one.My back up in case my tablet fails.lol
    Hope their is more.


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