13 July 2014

RPG neepery

The Core RPG Kickstarter is humming along nicely - looks like if support continues the tier that involves Touchstone will be hit in the next week or so!

Watching the process is bringing back a lot of RPG memories.  I started roleplaying in university and played through quite a few different systems - original rules D&D and then advanced editions. Vampire: the Masquerade.  TORG.  Paranoia.  My friends created their own system, adaptable to any setting, and Core reminds me very much of that, of the focus on the story and taking settings and running with them.

I eventually drew back from roleplaying because the stories could get too interesting, and I started thinking about the RPG world instead of my own.  My friends were way too good at telling stories!

I still have quite a few old character sheets lying about, and was admiring the little business card sized sheets of the Core system (not least for the very cool picture).

With a dice function on my phone and my character sheet tucked into a pocket of the phone case, I'd be ready to play whenever.


  1. Great idea, Andrea! Think I'll go contribute to the Kickstarter. :) Hubby and I have been mulling over game systems to introduce the kids to and Core might be a good place to start.

  2. Still think about those games often - you ran some pretty snazzy ones yourself. I have fond memories of the writing exercises you made us do for that game where Andrew played himself with for a while and we ended up quarrelling over who used the last of the worcestershire sauce (or something like that) in the last hours when we should have been thwarting the VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE. And drawing and naming all those stations on the mystical Underground. And I still feel bad for swapping Sayer's personality with Declan's and then sending the magic item that did it to the FSB so they couldn't be swapped back. Amanda says if you ever did want to write a 'Guards' novel she would be chuffed - make yourself at home in the RPG world. ;)

  3. Guards was great fun. And the train map was really cool. Do you have a scan of it, by any chance? That would make a fun post.

  4. And as of this morning, the Sci-Fi pack is UNLOCKED ! That means we'll get the Touchstone setting ! Nice !!!


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