08 July 2014

A kickstarter for the roleplaying Touchstone fans

For those of you who like a bit of tabletop RPG, you're sure to be interested in the Core Rules Kickstarter.  Created by Origin Award-winning game designer Lester Smith, the Core Rules system combines easy character creation with the settings of books, giving you both mechanics and worlds to fool around with.

Touchstone comes in on the Sci-Fi setting level, and if the Kickstarter reaches that level you'll get the basic systems of the Touchstone Trilogy as part of the settings guides (ie. a breakdown of the powers, the places, and the types of missions available).  [And I'll get to write that part of the setting guide! ;) ]

I'm not otherwise involved with the Core Rules or Popcorn Press, but for those who loved the world of Touchstone and want to play around in it (or just like tabletop gaming and can never have too many rulebooks!), check it out!


  1. Thanks for pointing it out ! Backing it ;-)

  2. Backing it! now to find folk to play it with :D

  3. Wanna PC game. No one to play with otherwise.


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