17 March 2014

A Week of Me

You know when you get a compliment so amazing that you have to get up and walk about for a while to process it?  And then you spend the next couple of days wandering about grinning?  That's what happened to me when awesome author Rachel Neumeier told me she'd enjoyed my books so much she'd decided to host an Andrea K Höst week, and had invited a bunch of equally awesome people to tell the world how wonderful I am!  Well, even better, to talk about my books!

So if you're curious about my books, or just want to chat about them, check out Rachel's blog this week.  There'll even be a post from me, discussing among other things how I came to write the Touchstone Trilogy.  And there's a giveaway!

And...and...I got to get up and walk about for a while. :D


  1. i just finished reading the Touchstone series. I got introduced with Stray as a freebie kindle. And i immediately went and bought all the rest. At first i wasn't too keen about reading the story as diary but O.M.G.! can you write. I love the characters, love how you got to know each and everyone to a point you could say..yeah i know so and so and well. I couldn't put this series down. One of the best parts, is Gratuitous Epilogue. how great that we got an ending after an ending. Ya know, sometimes you just wonder what happens when they finally get to live happily ever after.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Fyre. :)


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