15 December 2012

Advance Warning on Price Rises and current Status

Just giving advance warning that after Christmas I'll be lifting my prices from $3.99 to $4.99 per book. I don't think I'm ever likely to price my books in the "upper regions" (ie. $6-$10), but there's this interesting 'perception of quality' issue with books below a certain price. Since my sales have been generally sluggish since KDP Select came in (with its preferential promotion of exclusive books), I have some freedom to experiment with the price I originally intended, but kept hesitating on going to.

I've been a complete slacker with the editing of "Hunting" (I'm only about a third of the way through) and will have to light a fire under my tail. I'm actually a little nervous about the book's reception, since it's the 'earliest' of the books which I'm putting out (I wrote it before "Medair", though after about five other books which will never see the light of day) and it does read to me as "young". More straightforward plot, less deconstruction of the fantasy genre. Still, I love Ash, who has no special powers but an entertaining amount of self-belief.

I really don't want to delay the current publication date just because I've been playing too many MMO's, though, so will try to settle down to work.


  1. ::shakes fist at MMO's:: I was sucked into The Secret World for a long while, before my computer decided it hated to play audio. Or video. Or movement of any kind. They're a complete menace!

  2. colhay_2500@yahooFriday, 28 December, 2012

    I have no trouble with $5 a book for an author I like, and so long as it isn't a 'many book´ series all at once. Hope it works for you.
    Computer games - they are like soapies for some, or smoking - very addictive, and hard to give up.


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