26 December 2012

The Hobbit

The dinner scene at the start could have been shortened at little, but otherwise I think this worked very well.  Indeed, having watched it, I wonder if it would have been possible to film it as a single movie.  Or, I expect it would have been possible, but it would have been close to a 'training montage' of a movie.  This is very much a loving, lingering homage but that just means plenty of the visual spectacle which is half the reason I watch such movies.

Radagast's rabbits were way awesome.

Jackson chose to include a few visible dwarvish women in the crowds escaping from the Dwarven city, and there is a very powerful scene from Galadriel, but I think I'm going to continue with my theory that Fili and Kili are actually what female dwarves look like, just to balance the overwhelming levels of Y chromosome.

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  1. Colhay_2500@yahooFriday, 28 December, 2012

    Wife & I, with elder brother & his wife (50 to 60 age range) watched the Hobbit (pt.1) the other day so it was with interest I just read your thoughts on it. We all enjoyed it immensely - there is certainly plenty of action. There are a number of small errors (who cares !) - like when a certain body is picked up by an 'eagle' (huge black bird) and the sword lying beside him is left behind - later to be seen clasped against him in the air.
    Maybe the dinner scene is set to remind us of 'visitors' - thankfully our relo's aren't like that (they wouldn't survive). I agree with you, the dinner scene is a little out of synch with the rest of the show.
    Hope none of Radagast's rabbits decide to visit Australia!


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