17 February 2011

Kindling and other housekeeping

[Edit: Note, after a closer reading of the terms and conditions as part of publishing at Kindle, it appears that the 70% royalty is available to anyone, but only for US/UK/Canadian _sales_.]

Amazon KDP does not offer a good deal for non-US/UK authors.  The 70% royalty is not available, only a 35% option, and the only payment options are having a US bank account, or US cheques (with the currency conversion fee that will attract from my bank).  Because of this, I didn't go straight to Amazon KDP, but instead waited for Smashwords and Amazon to finalise their formatting so I could distribute to Kindle through Smashwords, which would mean a higher royalty, less work, and payments via Paypal.

Not publishing to the major market for self-publishers has been a trifle annoying, but since I didn't have a big launch or any noteable publicity, there was no particular hurry.  But weeks turned to months, and I finally caved.  Champ is now up, and Silence and Stained Glass Monsters will be up in a couple of days.  I am hoping that the negotiations are done by the time I've finished editing Stray, though.

Still doesn't solve the problem of publicity, but it's good to at least be in the market.

In the versions I put up, I added a link in the front material to maps for each book, since one of the main reader requests I've had is for maps.  The "ETC" page on my site will be the repository for such extras for the books, and the Champ and Silence maps are there.  Will have to draw a map for SGM, though.

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