08 August 2022


Checking in to say still here, still working on Four Kings!

After coming across a few videos of people using AI art generators, I couldn't resist running some of my book titles through the prompts to see what I got.  I used https://creator.nightcafe.studio/ 

Here's the results!  Comment if you can guess which book titles they are!  [Or hover over the picture for the image name!]

Champion of the Rose

Stained Glass Monsters

And All the Stars

Lab Rat One

The Pyramids of London (used the Steampunk style for this one)

The Silence of Medair (picked fantasy style, got Thomas Kinkaid)

The Singularity Game

I'd not be likely to use any of these as a cover, but some of them are very interesting!


  1. I really, really enjoyed The Book of Firsts and I'm looking forward to Four Kings!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Amy - I'm having fun working on Four Kings.

  2. I hope you tell us at some point who the fourth King is! Glad to hear it's going well-Cassandra

  3. Here are my guesses:

    #1: Champion of the Rose
    #2: Stained Glass Monsters
    #3: And All the Stars
    #4: The Silence of Medair or perhaps Stray
    #5: The Pyramids of London
    #6: In Arcadia or perhaps Bones of the Fair
    #7: The Sleeping Life or perhaps The Starfighter Invitation

    Fascinating exercise, thanks!

  4. Glad to hear you're still working away. My kids love that generator, it's given them some great ideas for their writing. I am hanging out for the second Starfighter book and with all the different possibilities within the game, the pictures could all refer to that one book!

  5. I'm very curious who the fourth king could be, and what role he plays. I'm excited to more of their lives outside the context of the game

  6. It seems pretty obvious to me that Mika's going to be the fourth king.


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