21 April 2022

Status update and gardening

Just checking in to let you know I'm about halfway through "Seconds" (now probably called "Four Kings"). Will be out this year, I expect, though a very odd book it's shaping up to be. Kind of a musing on different types of caring. And, possibly, a sign that I played a little too much My Time at Portia and similar games.

In the meantime, here's a photolog of the only gardening project I've managed to complete in the last year.

Dead Tree

No Tree
Trusty Sledgehammer = No concrete

Railway Sleepers, Manure, Sand and Dirt


Water it and wait

Bee Refuelling Station

The teen years

Young Adults

Big and tall

Not tall at all

Passing Californians (unfortunately drowned in two straight months of rain)

Mid-sized, profusely flowering variety

I now have a completely different set of plants in there (foxglove, violas, dianthus and poppies) since the only perenniel was the Californian Poppies and they (like my hardenbergias and a couple of other Australian natives) couldn't take the megajillion litres of water that fell on them over the opening months of the year.


  1. Delightful news that the sequel to Firsts (regardless of title) is coming along well for you. I’m all for a book about different kinds of caring right now. Firsts was a rare comfort read for me during the pandemic-there is something about highly competent people going all in on their friendships which satisfied so much last year. And I’ve been reccing it and your backlist to so many people right now!

    Your garden is gorgeous-all those warm colors in the sun! To create something out of nothing is such an achievement-rather like writing a book I would imagine 

  2. I'm Cassandra in Texas USA, btw. The comments don't seem to recognize my google account.

  3. I always think it a special honour to produce a comfort read.


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