01 August 2019

Speaking of Stray...

Audiobooks are quite a process - listening, noting errors, going through a correction round, making those funny square-shaped covers...but here we are at the end of the first stage of a long road!

Thanks to narrator Stephanie Macfie, who fearlessly took on a thousand neologisms, Stray is now out at a whole bunch of different audiobook distributors, including:

Check your favourite distributor to see if it's there.

It should also be available through Overdrive, if you have a library looking for something new!

Hope you all like it.  Next stop, Lab Rat One!


  1. So glad you are distributing with Scribd! Can't wait to listen!

  2. Hello, I contacted my Library to request your Stray Audiobook, however they stated they were unable to locate that or any other books/audiobooks in their Maryland Digital Library via OverDrive (which I use), would you be able to provide a link so that my library can purchase it?

    1. Hm - I just did a search and can't find it either. It's meant to distribute to OverDrive, but it's possible the distribution process is very slow.

      If it doesn't show up in a few weeks, let me know and I'll give you a code for an alternate service.

  3. Just finished listening to Stray for the 2nd time on my way back and forth to work. Any updates on when Lab Rat One will be out? Didn't think I'd need the audio, since I've read all of them multiple times, but I love listening to them while I'm driving or working around the house.


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