23 August 2019

Sentence by sentence

Still making progress on Tangleways, but as the title suggests, not very quickly.  I'm having a very consumer-oriented year, just reading and reading, with a side of game playing.  Very unlikely to get a book out this year as a result, though I am having fun with the story, even if it's not a fast one to emerge.

I really like Iona and Wen (both of whom appeared briefly in Pyramids, and have larger roles throughout the series).

I promise not to let my current addiction to Chinese webnovels alter the story too much.  No face-slapping.  No revenges.  Am going to make quite a few of you cry, though, because there's a third character I like a lot in this story, and they're in an unwinnable bind.


  1. Lookkng forward to Tangleways, whether this year or next. I have reread the first two books many times.

  2. Really pleased to hear you're still writing - thought you might get sucked down the game playing black hole. Good luck with Tangleways - will look forward to reading it.

    1. I still game plenty, but it's mainly reading which is filling up my headspace at the moment.

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