15 April 2017

An award for Forfeit

Award recognition is one of those complicated things for writers.  Is there such a thing as 'best'?  Judges bring their own individual taste.  Popular awards rely very much of a piece/author being known to the voting pool.  It's all very complicated, so I've tried to adopt the attitude of appreciating any compliments coming my way without getting too hung up on missing out.

But I'm still going to enjoy adding to my display cabinet an Aurealis Award for "Forfeit" as the Best Fantasy Novella 2016.

HUGE thanks to Judith Tarr for prodding me into tightening up the story.  And thanks again to my readers.  You're the ones that really make my day.

You can watch the ceremony here if you're so inclined.


  1. I *may* have startled some of my drinking companions and nearby wildlife when the news of your win came through. The details are a little hazy now, but I may have shouted something congratulatory and profane in the moment. Glasses were raised in your honour, rest assured.

    Hearty congratulations, Andrea.

  2. Well deserved. It's a wonderful story in a wonderful world.

    1. Actually I think Death and the Moon is even better--just a lovely little story. But either of these is worthy of a prize.

  3. Congrats Andrea! Loved the story and can't wait for the next episode in their tale.

  4. Grats Andrea,
    I watched all through the presentation to find out your speech. I liked the nod to self publishing can be quality work by the speaker.


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