19 October 2016

The Towers, the Moon release

France, under the Court of the Moon, is a country of cyclical change, where the true rulers arrive every night to compete among themselves, and humans are backdrop, witnesses, inessential – and yet inextricably intertwined.

It is the reign of the Gilded Tower, and fashions are daring.

Two Wings: Griff Tenning has suffered too much change in the past year, and wishes everything would quiet down for a while - or, better still, would go back to when his parents were alive. But, even so, it's useful that his odd aunt can afford airship tickets to France. On such a quick trip, his hated travel sickness won't be enough to keep him from a chance to stand beneath the impossible Towers of the Moon.

Forfeit: Forfeit is the newest game of the Court of the Moon, and one seemingly designed for humans to lose. But Arianne Seaforth is willing to pay a great deal to help her oldest friend – and she is learning to extract a price of her own.

Death and the Moon: Eluned Tenning can barely remember all the names of the vast network of cousins making her sixteenth birthday party so overwhelming. But she has no problems with would-be actor Milo, who is so calmly quiet and friendly. She'd never step on a stage herself, but she's happy to help him rehearse.
The Towers, the Moon's cover is by the wonderful Likhain.  Covers are one of my favourite parts of any release, and it was awesome to watch this image come to life.
Note: These short stories sit between The Pyramids of London and Tangleways in The Trifold Age series. They contain mild spoilers for The Pyramids of London. "Two Wings" is 7,500 words, "Forfeit" is 20,000 words, and "Death and the Moon" is 2300 words.


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  1. Wooo best part of a rather hideous day. Thank you!!

    1. Hoping for non-hideous days in future, Lexie.

    2. :) Thank you Andrea! Me too - this month has just been. Well. I'm lucky I have built in coping features.

  2. Something must be wrong with me. I read your blog, noted I needed to buy this and then...gasp...forgot for a week. While I was rereading the lab rat series too. Its now written on my hand to get tonight.


  3. awesome cover, wonderful read = thank you


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