06 February 2016

Survey results and prize winners

Well, as the publication of The Sleeping Life rapidly approaches, it's time to draw the winners of the survey competition!  And the random number generator says: 3 and 55!

Congrats Nina and Kelsey!  Emails will be wending their way to you shortly.

I had plenty of fun reading all the survey results. I totally recommend to other authors that they ask their readers for their favourite moments/re-readable moments in your books, because so many of them are my favourite moments as well. :D

The answer to question 1 was totally unsurprising.

My fave is still Stained Glass Monsters. :D  But also, usually, whatever I'm writing at the moment, in between hating it.  There is always a "Wow, this is so much better than I thought" stage in re-reading a book you've recently written - while the current chapter is always The Worst Thing Ever.

Not long at all now before I can put up links to TSL!  Then onward, ever onward, to all the new books I decided I wanted to write while working on this one.

Edit: Expanding this post as requested to include a few more results.

Fave POV Character: Cass by a long way, but Medair, Ash and Rian also gained a fair number of votes.

Fave Non-POV Character: Kaoren, Aristide, Maze, Ys, Illukar and Illidian.

Story Element: Evenly scattered among categories I've already been writing, with some preference to not go in for too much smut.

Fanfic suggestions:
A lot of fun stuff here, including:
- Arden Ruuel falls in love.
- Daily life fluff.
- Setari School Stories.
- How Fish and Maddie managed to get together.

Fave moment:
My favourite question!
- Lots of people liking that elevator encounter. :)
- The scene where Rennyn calls the lifestealer.
- The crypt in Silence of Medair.
- Thornaster laughing himself into hiccups.
- Trolling the Secret War actors.
- Dragon conjuring!
- 80% mark on And All the Stars.

Looking forward to:


  1. Would you want to post the results to the other surveys questions, too? Curious to see other people's favorite scenes and such :)

    1. I agree; I'd be fascinated to see what other people enjoy most.

    2. Sure - I'll add some more tid-bits later.

  2. I'm excited to read the new book, but started by bringing up SGM for a re-read first. :)

  3. I'm excited to read the new book, but started by bringing up SGM for a re-read first. :)

  4. SGM is what I recommend to friends and was my favorite before you published Pyramids. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed Touchstone, but, as Cass herself observed, the premise is a little wish-fulfillment. I thought that SGM, to some extent, and Pyramids, especially, were more sophisticated and asked for more in terms of reading between the lines to figure out the world and understand the protagonist.

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