25 July 2015


Journey came out some time ago, to great acclaim, but it was Playstation 3 exclusive, and I had an X-Box.  It's now been released for Playstation 4, and I have one of those, so I've finally had a chance to try it.

And, yes, it is just as wonderful as all the reviews claim.

You start as a cloaked figure in a desert.  On the horizon you can see a mountain with a light.  And so, with bare instruction and no understanding, you start toward it.

Journey is a combination of evocative music and visual beauty and a story stripped of any language that you understand.  It is very short, but I think is the sort of precious jewel of a game that you keep by for the grey days, when you want to be uplifted.

Well recommended.


  1. I've wanted to play this game, though as of right now I have about a 30 game backlog between all my systems and the PC XD I did buy the OST though, so yes the music is gorgeous.

    1. It's a very short game! You can finish it easily in an hour or so.

    2. That is good to hear! I need more short games (and not just games that are being released as episodes--looking at you Dreamfall Chapters x.x )


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