24 February 2013


Hunting is now definitely bumped to a March release.

Hunting was the fifth book I wrote (after the various Talismans books and Lammersgach, which I have no intention of releasing because LOL).  It was the first book I put through a writing workshop, and I had lots of useful feedback and positive comments, and I'd also gone through to tighten the writing several times after its completion, so though there were some things I wanted to clarify with the worldbuilding, I figured four months was plenty to finalise it.

Hoo boy.

The plot's still solid, but two secondary characters and a sub-plot needed to go.  And a quarter of what was left needed complete rewriting.  [There's some particularly unconvincing dialogue.]  So, delays.

I've set the release date for 7 March 22 March 31 March 4 April.  I'll bump it again if I'm not satisfied, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

Not doing it just to torture you guys, promise.  My schedule is a victim of my own evolution as a writer. ;)


  1. I'm happy to hear you're taking the time to write this carefully, but as an avid reader of yours--the torture!

  2. I don't think I'll ever set myself a release deadline again. Or, at least, not till I'm on a second-final draft. This was an unusual case, given that I was starting with a completed book, but had changed too much to be satisfied with it, but I don't like pushing back the release date all the time.

    As it is, the 31st is starting to look more and more likely. :/


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