25 December 2011


The people behind my sister in line at McDonalds told her she had a stowaway under her car...

Apparently this is a diamond python.  And, fortunately, the spare type it's curled around can be lowered without actually getting up close to test your snake identification skills.


  1. Isn't that Python a "Stray" ? ^^

    I once found a paper under the windshield wiper, mentionning a kitten under the car. When we finally were able to get it from there under to drive elsewhere, the first place he went was ... under an other car of course.
    So we took the paper, and stuck it under the other car's wiper ^^

  2. And a Merry Christmas !! Best Wishes !

  3. Well, if it was a python from another planet I guess it would be. :)

    A kitten would be much nicer.

    And Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. On the plus side, not one of the many highly venomous snakes that it could have been. Pythons are way cool. My most common "there's a snake in my (hall/office/mouse cage/path)" has been browns...not as much fun. Though the mouse cage one was a python and it was way too full to bother with me.


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