08 December 2011

Gratuitous ETA

This is looking like not being finished till/after Christmas (can't resist adding a bit more to the end).

Thrilling shopping trips. ;)


  1. I guess I can't complain since you were such a champ about completing Caszandra for all of us slavering nuts. :)

    Enjoy your Christmas and thanks for providing us all such wonderful books to read.

    Ummm...Maze will find a special someone, won't he?

  2. That would be telling... :)

    It's fair to say that Maze surprised me...

  3. I'm sure I'll enjoy the heck out of it whenever it's published. Thanks!

  4. Zan needs some love! She was my underdog favorite all through the books and I was really hoping there would be more to that incident in the 3rd book that I won't explain and spoil for anyone who hasn't read it yet ( involves exhaustion and Maze)

  5. heh as much as I was rooting for Cass/Kaoren, I admit to being a Cass/Maze fan. mostly when Kaoren was being such a JERK to Cass. Then again I wouldn't want her to break Maze's heart since he went through so much.

    Would have served him right if Cass fell for Maze and he[Kaoren] had to prove he was not as much of a jerk as he projected (but then I'm of the mind that Cass should have punched Kaoren a couple of times for toying with her and confusing her. I guess messing with his sleeping is karma enough...wait does karma work on Muina?)

    I do agree with Jessica though--that exhaustion scene had me starry-eyed and hopeful.

    :sigh: its just as well I really SHOULD focus on schoolwork right now since I got so sidetracked during the preliminary exams. the ETA can be reward for finishing (which was of course the goal the entire time XD)

  6. You will certainly see more of Zan. [Maze must spend his life walking a tightrope between his inherent niceness and trying to discourage Setari captains from falling in love with him...]

  7. maggie silverthornTuesday, 13 December, 2011

    Now Cass"s mother and Selkie could be very exciting...okay very funny anyway. Do want Instar to get someone. Lol. Dont care who. I like happy endings.

  8. I'm also a Par Aurion fan (shy smiles are my weakness). Feel free to throw some love interest his way! And Alay and Ketzaren as well. Hmmm, maybe another full book is necessary for all the people I need to follow up on!

  9. I had purchased the ebooks for all three previously, but when I read this earlier today I went straight to Lulu and bought the hardback, as a consolation. :)

  10. Your very own brick for Christmas Rowen! [And a truly large compliment when readers buy my book twice! I get favourite books in hardback too, even though I'm a mostly ebook reader these days.]

    @ MK - I really like Par too. [He's based on Mori from Ouran, if that means anything to you. ;) I wanted to see way more of Mori and Kyouya in that series...]

  11. I hope to see both Maze and Alay find love in this one.. though not with each other.

    More detail on Nils and Zee would be nice, enjoying his "smexiness" and the PAoN effect!

  12. Maggie SilverthornSaturday, 17 December, 2011

    I was looking over some of your older posts and I have to ask...WHAT space naga smut book, lol.

  13. Ha - space nagas. I'm twelve chapter into that - might possibly finish it one day. It's adult space adventure, very little in the way of likely science, tons of spacegoing races, and one itinerant artist whose plans go awry when the ship she's travelled upon is hijacked by space pirates, who toss them all in an abandoned moon mine to uncover...something. But our hapless artist encounters a space naga, who makes her a...uh...disconcerting proposition.

    Though there's only been one chapter of smut in the twelve chapters so far. Far more detailed sex than I usually write, but the technicalities of a size difference like this ( http://fav.me/d2lup1g ) needs some explanation (that naga doesn't look much my space nagas, who are much snakier, but the size difference is about right).

    Heh - I best stop now or I'll start writing more about space nagas and less about psychic space ninjas.

  14. Maggie SilverhornSunday, 18 December, 2011

    Lol ninjas first nagas second. I promise to buy it though when it is finished. Too funny.

  15. Yes, finish the ninjas first, and then I really want to read about the naga...:P


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