21 May 2011

A Quick Trip to North Sydney

Congratulations to all the Aurealis Award winners!  It was a strong field, and fun for me to even be considered in contention.  [Cool AV presentation at the awards too. :) ]


  1. Aww, between that and the world not ending, the 21st of May seems a bit of a disappointment.

    Nevertheless, a well-deserved nomination. So, who won? (It was that Roberts-Rayner person again, wasn't it?)

  2. "Power and Majesty" won the fantasy category. I read all the entries before going, and they were really diverse - paranormal romance, urban fantasy, high fantasy, epic fantasy. Reading through them made it clear to me that I would suck at being a judge, because I immediately gravitated toward the book which was in the sub-genre I usually read ("Heart's Blood").

    I was fairly sure that I wasn't going to win, so was more stressed out about driving to an unfamiliar bit of the city with unnecessarily complicated roads.

    The Rapture would have been _fascinating_ if it had happened.

  3. I'm so sad I didn't get to meet you - nobody was wearing nametags - but I would have loved to say hi.

  4. It was so wall-to-wall people I'm not sure name tags would have helped!


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