15 May 2011

Narrative Structure

Progress with "Lab Rat One" continues apace.  I'm almost finished the current read-through (where I've been focusing on ensuring the volume's theme occasionally pokes its head above water), and will take a short break from it afterwards before a further review.

As expected, with "Stray" feedback shows the structure of the book is frustrating for some, although the overall story appears to be engaging.  It's really interesting how the absence of the chapter structure and the use of diary form (today this happened today this happened today this happened) means the reader can't spot what's "important" nearly so easily.  There's a development arc for Cass in each volume (roughly "stepping up", "falling apart", "settling in"), but on the whole Touchstone is simply a year in someone's life.  One of the most unexpected years ever.

Fun for me, but understandably it's not something which is going to work for everyone.

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