01 April 2011


"Lab Rat One" (Part 2 of "Touchstone") commences on 1 April, so after my week off to celebrate finishing "Stray", I intended to pick up and roll with the edits this morning in a nice example of good timing.

I wrote one sentence, then went back to reading a rather good murder mystery on my e-reader.  Rather good books are very distracting.

I am very caught up in "Touchstone", though, and even began re-reading bits of "Stray" _again_ over the past few days.  My head is firmly in the events at the end of "Lab Rat One", thinking through the relationship dynamic, and I find I'm glad I stuck with the diary format.  It will probably not work for everyone, but it makes the story very compelling for me to read.

But must resist too many rather good murder mysteries...


  1. I just found out your site existed. You may have told me multiple times and it didn't sink in. Now of course I have to find that copy of a novel you put on my laptop....last year....and read it. Finally. I also had a quick look at Medair and realised I had read that, or an earlier draft. I think I may still have the electronic file. Nothing goes away. Congrats on all the publishing :D

  2. Hi Jennies! Did you end up getting an e-reader? I bought an evilKindlewaytooeasytobuybooksnow.

    Just got some hard copies of Stray in the mail today. Cover looks spectacular printed out.

  3. Still going to. But I want to get the right one for me...and I haven't been putting the time into figuring that out. BTW an american student had hers set as being in America (don't know exactly what that meant) and when she set to Australia so she could access the internet from it here, her list of available books to buy halved!

  4. Yes, regionality is a big issue with ebooks. Hopefully it will go away eventually. I just buy a different book, or buy hard copy, if I can't get it in e.


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