06 September 2023

Status update

 On the good and bad news front.  I have written quite a lot this year!  I have continued to make forward progress on Tangleways (finally getting past a small hurdle that was stopping me).  But I don't think I'll have any new books out this year.  Next year should be a bumper year though - I'm absolutely determined to get Tangleways out as my next release.


  1. :pencils in to put aside money for next year: 2024: The Year of Höst!

  2. Yay! For writing and books whenever we can get them ^^. Stay healthy and happy!

  3. The "Pyramids" world is on of my favorites! I hope the various romances progress a bit, as the trials of Albion continue.

  4. Happy for you. Re-reading my favorites. Kinda loved “Snow Day”. The unexceptional living amongst the most exceptional. Tugged at the heartstrings.


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