26 October 2021

Fanning around

 Hey all - still working on Seconds.  It seems to have meandered off into a story about game development.  You never know what geeks your school hotties might be until you get to read the shared world book they've been writing since they were ten. :D  Their fans wouldn't recognise them.

On a related note, a kind fan (thanks, Susan) has set up a Facebook fan site for me.  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have there, or if you should happen to want a place to hang and debate which Setari you'd want to be stranded on a desert island with...


  1. Glad to hear Seconds is doing its own thing. Wouldn't expect anything else from those four. Any idea on publication timeframe?

    1. Not this year! I still haven't even gotten them to start university yet!

  2. S'fine. Will just continue to haunt the blog whilst we wait!

  3. Off topic but important for non-NZ authors who's books are in the New Zealand national library, so I'm copying this to all the author blogs I visit.
    The NZ government has decided to donate its overseas collection to the Internet Archive and put the onus on authors whose work is still under copyright to opt out. We have until 1 December to opt out. This is the page with the list and with what to do to opt out:

    If you go to this page, there’s a spreadsheet with the titles in question that you can download. Suggest sharing this with any authors you know who need to be concerned. The original poster passed this on to their literary agent and you might do the same.

    I'm not sure if Australian authors count as overseas for the NZ national library, but it might be good to check, and/or send the warning on to an Australian author's organisation.



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