01 January 2020

Snow Day - a Touchstone short story

Interrupting my packed schedule of reading Chinese webnovels, here is a bit of seasonal fluff for the Touchstone fans.  It was meant to be a quick short story, but turned into 10,000 words somehow.

Expect character glimpses and worldbuilding - this is not a plot-heavy story, though I did end up thinking quite a bit about the times of the year when families get together to have arguments about minor things but generally be cheerful at each other.

[The snow, of course, is not seasonal at all for Australia.  It was 44C here yesterday, but thankfully cooler today. (I'm not anywhere near bushfires, btw, though we do get a fair bit of smoke from them.)]

As usual, the publication process will take varying amounts of time depending on the retailer.  I'll add links below as they come up.  [Published in 2020 or 2019 depending on what part of the planet you're on. :) ]

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Search Apple's app to get the story there (this usually takes a couple of days to publish).


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! I hope you're planning on writing more of Oriel and Maxen. I'm already hooked on their story and need more!

    1. They're now part of the circle of characters I expect we'll see again. :)

  2. So glad you're away from the bushfires!! Stay safe!! Thanks for the "fluff". Looking forward to it ♡

  3. Just delightful.
    The day I bought it, I read it three times, so good was it.

  4. Excellent! but I am sooo slow. I read it at least a half doz. times before Fireplace Dock made sense! thank you for the short story, it was delightful!

    1. Heh - a reference for those who like to extrapolate from past events.

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  6. Loved loved loved this story! More about Oriel and Maxen please!!

  7. I love the whole series! And you have become one of my favorite authors by making all these epilogue books! I would love another diary from Cass or book from her mom's point of view. Or someone from first of fourth squad lol! I love that I can keep reading about there lives and now have 2more people to want to know more about 😁


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